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We are open for business and are processing orders as usual.

However, we are taking a number of measures to protect our staff and customers in these strange times.

These include taking extra care during production and wearing extra protective equipment to minimise the contact our team have with your card.

How might COVID-19 measures impact my order?

The precautions we are taking may cause a small delay in order processing times.

Will my delivery time be longer?

Our delivery partners seem to be experiencing minor delays to their estimated shipping times. This varies by country and region and is something we have little control over.

As always, our support team are here to answer any questions you have in this regard.

What steps should I take to protect myself?

Be sure to follow the instructions of your courier in regards to social distancing and other measures upon delivery of your package.

We recommend leaving your package for a period of time after receiving it. And washing your hands thoroughly after opening it.

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Shirts Size Guide

It is very easy to find the right size of your product. You need to click on the size chart link located in stage 1 in the product page. You can also see Complete Size Guide Here

Then a popup window open with all the measurements properly mentioned for your selection of right size.

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Contact Us

How can I contact ShotArts?

We’re always here to help.

If you need to talk to our friendly support team, please click on the messenger or email button at the bottom of the article.

Do you have a support phone number?

We do not currently operate a support phone line. The ShotArts brand was built online, including our customer support. Though you may receive an automated response every once in a while, all channels are manned by human staff who are eager to help you out, quickly and efficiently


ShotArts is registered under Hawkszi Distributions.

Office Address: Sky Villa Duo, Bella Vista, Nanawadi, Belgaum, Karnataka, India - 590009


Support Email:

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Payment Methods

How I can pay for my orders?

We currently accept Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Maestro, Apple Pay as payment methods.

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Bulk Discounts

Are you a art lover club or planning to celebrate a event in a big way and would like to order 10+ T-Shirts from Shotarts?
We offer bulk discounts up to 30%, the more you order the cheaper the T-Shirts will get.

If you interested in getting a quote be sure to contact us via the buttons at the bottom with your inquiry.

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Step 1

Choose A Shirt

You can begin your customization by selecting right style of the apparel you are looking for.

You can click on Customize button on the navigation bar and select the collections and then select the apparel or directly go to the collection page by Clicking Here

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Step 2

Customize Your Shirt

You will be directed to the product page where you can customize in 4 stages.

Stage 1: Select the Right Size

You can refer Complete Size Guide Here

Stage 2: Select Apparel Color

Click on the thumbnail on available color pallet and you can see the preview

Stage 3: Upload Your Image

And adjust to view port for perfect print. Select the best image of yours. Refer Image Guide Here

Stage 4: Select Effects

Select the image effect you would like to print on your apparel. Refer Effects Guide Here

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Step 3

Complete the Design

Once you complete the Stage 2 in product page you can see a un edited preview where you can get a fair idea of the product you will be receiving minus the effects.

You need to select the order quantity and Click on Add to Cart Button

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Step 4

Complete Your Order

You will be redirected to your Cart page where your need to provide us your Billing & Delivery Address. You can also check details of the product you have ordered in this page. You can also see the shipping charges here.

You can continue to Step4 or you can go back and do customization or another product.

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Step 5

Payment & Confirmation

This is the last Step of ordering where you will be selecting your preferred payment processing and complete the payment. Refer Payment Methods in General information tab.

Once the payment process is confirmed the order is marked as confirmed at our dashboard and will be processed within 2 working days for production.

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Shipping & Delivery

After placing your order, you’ll receive an email reminding you of our standard order processing time.

We’ll be in regular contact to update your order’s progress.

Here’s what you’ll get from us:

An email with your T-Shirt preview (before printing)
An email to let you know when your T-Shirt has been shipped (this will include a tracking number)
Any updates or requests for information needed to complete the T-Shirt Design

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Customs & Import tax

Will I be charged import duty on my order?

The country you live in may or may not impose import duty or taxes on items shipped from abroad. This varies by country and is not something we have control over.

The price you see at checkout does not include any import duties or fees. We are not responsible for paying them should you incur them.

If you have any questions about this, we recommend contacting your local customs office for more information before ordering.

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How to Track My Order?

All orders can be tracked using your tracking number with the instructions provided in the email.

If your order has taken slightly longer than the time frame mentioned, don’t worry.

If you cannot find your tracking number after your order has been shipped please feel free to contact us or refer section how to find tracking number.

We will be in touch if there is a problem and are always available to answer your questions.

Please remember that we cannot control the time it takes for the courier to ship your order.

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Tracking Number not Updated

If you have received a tracking number and you have not seen updates for a few days, there is nothing to worry about.

Sometimes shipments can take longer than expected due to courier delays. Unfortunately we do not have any control over this.

Indian Customers: If your parcel has shipped and not delivered after 14 business days, we are able to identify your parcel as lost and you are eligible for a replacement.

International Customers: If your parcel has been shipped and the tracking has not updated in around 14-20 business days we are able to identify your parcel as lost and you are eligible for a replacement.

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Package Returned back

If your tracking shows that the package is being back to the sender, this will most likely be due to a address issue which we have been provided with.

When we receive the package again we will contact you to ask you for your address again and then we will ship it out to you once again.

Common issues which cause returns

- Missing house number or name on the delivery address

- Incorrect house number or name on the delivery address

- Recipient was not available for delivery and did not collect the parcel from the collection point

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Make Changes to My Order

We’re happy to make changes if we have made an error or if the image quality is too poor to proceed for printing.

We will send a preview of your T-Shirt once we have finished designing it.

If there are any urgent and essential errors (such as a mistake with the name), please contact us immediately using the email or messenger option at the bottom.
Apart from these special cases, all orders are final once placed.

Please note that any non-essential changes made after ordering may incur a processing fee of INR 1000.

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Order Arrived Damaged

If you are unhappy with the condition of your T- Shirt when it arrives, please get in touch with our support team.

You can do this by using the email or messenger option at the bottom.

The vast majority of our orders arrive in perfect condition. But we are always happy and quick to respond if this isn’t the case.
You need to provide us clear photograph of the package at receipt condition for further proceedings from our end.

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Orders Not Shipped

Have you placed an order over 7 business days ago and it still has not been shipped?

First thing to do in this case is check all of your emails, including your spam folder for any emails from our team. If there has been any issues with your order our team would have emailed you about it.

If you cannot find any emails from our team please use one of the contact buttons at the bottom and get in touch with us so that we can look into your order.

Common issues that would delay an order:

- Bad quality image provided, please check image requirements for guidence to provide the best images for our T- Shirts.

- Inappropriate information, we do not accept orders with any inappropriate content, Adult content etc.

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Received Wrong T shirt

Did we had a cross connection??

If you’ve received the wrong T- Shirt, Please refer your order confirmation email and contact us immediately using the email or messenger option at the bottom.

Our friendly support team will make amends as quickly as possible and get the correct T- Shirt sent out to you.

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How long it will take to make?

After you place your order we need around 5-7 working days for T- Shirt production and handling.

This is what we aim for however this could exceed if any delays occur due to improper images or if we are in a busy period of the year. Weekends do not count towards the process as it's not a working day.

We suggest to always order in advance if you need this for a special occasion.

This does not include any shipping time, for shipping information please visit the delivery information tab.

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What images should I use?

Here are some tips for choosing the best image for your customized artistic shirt:

  • Your image should contain the person’s head, shoulders and chest. These should fill as much of the image as possible but with a clear gap.
  • The further away the subject is, the more likely your photo will be blurry or pixelated when printed. Also photos taken against light will eliminate details.
  • Please do not submit photos which are not covering the head completely. This will help our artists to complete the artwork properly.
  • Images should contain Head and shoulders for better print on the apparel. This will be OK if you are not opting for converting your image in to artwork and agree for direct image printing.
  • Websites like Facebook, Instagram etc. reduce the quality of images when they store them online. Please use the original photo file wherever possible (from your phone or camera). If you didn’t take the photo, you can always ask whoever did to email you the original file.
  • The same applies for using screenshots and images received via Whatsapp or any other messaging platform. Please try to use the original file where possible.
  • If we notice your image is of poor quality, we will try to get in touch. But we cannot guarantee this.Also this will have a risk of delay in delivery.
  • We’ll do the best we can with the image you give us but providing a suitable photo remains your responsibility.

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How my image is converted?

Your uploaded images need to follow certain guideline which can be found Here.

Once we receive confirmed order, our team of digital artists will work on your image to convert it to a artwork which can be printed on your selected apparel following necessary print guidelines to ensure quality.

You can refer our full guide on how your images converted Here

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Refund policy

All of our sales are final, no refunds can be processed due to all of our T-Shirts being personalized and manufactured on demand specifically for the customer.

Any valid refunds are processed as Shotarts store credits. This will ONLY allow you to place orders on

To be eligible a replacement, your item must have been damaged in the delivery process or if a mistake has been made by us when personalizing our custom item. You must provide photo evidence of damages or mistakes.

If for some reason the shipment from us does not get delivered to you after 20 working days from shipping day we will look into this and consider the parcel as lost and eligible for replacement.

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How i can get refund?

All our sales are considered final since every single order is custom created based on your uploaded image and selection parameters.

However we cannot guaranty production errors and in case we find there is any manufacturing errors proved to us then the refund will be done only by replacement.

We may also provide store credit on the case to case basis so that you can buy alternate product using these credits. You need to connect with our friendly support team using below contact link.

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How to return product

Unfortunately we cannot take return of the faulty product since it is custom created for you alone.

However if the product is completely different than that of your order it may happen due to error in shipment, we request you to connect with us below and we will guide you for the return and we will take care of the return expenses.

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What is Partner Program?

Shotarts care for their customers. We believe in sharing our love by sharing the profits. In Partner program you can earn affiliate commission up to 30%
Visit our Parnet program page and learn more Here

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Cannot add my order to cart

Designing a T-Shirt with our Customiser is quick and easy.

But what happens if your creation doesn’t show up in your shopping cart like it should or you get an error?

Here are a few things you can try:

  • Refresh the web page and try again
  • Try using a different web browser or device
  • Try opening our site in Google Chrome’s Incognito mode
  • Avoid using in app browsers like Instagram and Facebook

If that doesn’t work, don’t worry. We’d be delighted to take your order manually.

Just use the buttons at the bottom of this articel to get in touch!

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Page loading slow

Our website is hosted on one of the fastest servers in the world and we utilize best eCommerce platform for safe transactions.

However due to heavy customization of products and user experience we have used high quality images which may lead some time delay in page loading.

You can check your internet connection if the problem continued and please let us know using below contact link.

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Payment is not through

We use secured payment gateway for all our shop payments. Every single transaction happening at our website is checked by these payment gateways for fraudulent activities. Some times it may delay a bit or completely decline. This can be because of below reasons:

  • Incorrect credit card number or expiration date.
  • Insufficient funds.
  • The bank declined based on location.
  • The bank's fraud rules blocked the transaction.

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More Questions?

The answers you are looking for is not available here?

Please send us your questions using below contact link and our support team will reply withing 2 working days.

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