The goodies of having the good ol hoodie!

by Shotarts on August 28, 2020

Hoodies have a polarized opinion as far them clicking for fashion statement goes. But for the hoodie purist, it is a thing to have for all seasons. They are comfortable, versatile piece of clothing that you can wear all year round. Once you choose the right fabric, you simply can pull it out and wear it in style and swagger!

Perhaps, the things went a little awry some time back as the artistic hoodies had garnNot too long ago, hoodies have garnered a bit of a bad reputation. They were seen as a uniform of skate park devotees. However, the fashion fraternity is unequivocal on the need for adopting an elegant comfort approach to their off-duty attire. As a result, the artistic hoodies are back in fashion. So much so that they are considered to be the fashion staple in recent seasons. Hoodies can be one of your best all-time wear albeit you got to know how to play it right. But of course, do follow these tips to step out with your “A” game.

  1. Street style- There was a time when a hoodie was associated with angry adolescents. With artistic hoodies adding more to the novelty factor, this comfy garment goes well with a pair of jeans and still looks good. Hoodies are great for when you just need to throw something in a rush. Hoodies are standalone attire but you can up the style ante by pairing it with a bomber jacket or a light denim jacket. For the ultimate winter styling, be sure to team up a same color beanie. The contrasting colors will make for an eye-catching look. Plus, it’s perfect for those chilly nights.
  2. The edgy look- A hoodie is an underrated piece of clothing that is not usually worn in a stylish way. By and large, there is a notion that it is too too casual due to its athletic aesthetic. But a few minor tweaks can completely transform your look. Hoodies can also reflect you’re your style and mood. Perhaps the bigger advantage is the fact that they can match up smart casual or street look. The edgy look is pretty much reliant on the pairing and hence we suggest you to go safe if you still are unsure. Therefore, nothing can go wrong with our recommendation of a gray hoodie with underneath a black biker jacket. Rev up the style even more with the dark-colored jeans and Chelsea boots. Thus you get the desired extra detail to your style. Plus, you’ll get more of a dressed up edgy look.
  3. Sporty look- A basic hoodie is ideal if you want a sporty look. Its popularity can be attributed to the Ivy League universities wherein they were worn by all and sundry. And since then there has been no looking back with sports apparel companies and even designers adopting this style and making it a phenomenon that it is now. Sports influence and hoodies are truly a better story than Twilight! This can be testified by the fact that men’s wear has gravitated a lot towards casual, sporty territory. And the best part is that they can still be part of your regular wardrobe as you can can incorporate men’s hoodie into your everyday looks without looking like you were too lazy to change out of your gym wear. Go for a tonal look with head-to-toe gray and black hues. To keep the style most conspicuous, you can wear a white shirt underneath. Pair it with a pair of joggers and a classic pair of slip. If you want to accessorize, go for a simple black or white cap
  4. Monochrome look- The key to choosing hoodie colors is to keep it simple. Choose neutral colors like black, white, ivory, blue, and gray. What’s great about artistic hoodies is that they can look balanced also flamboyant in not so loud terms. That is to say, you can match your men’s sweatshirt with both neutral colored and bright colored clothing. Or you can go for a monochrome look. Black and white may not seem like the most interesting color, but going for a monochrome look is a surefire way to look put together and stylish. You can go for a black hoodie and black skinny jeans. Make wonders with the addition of a black bomber jacket and a cap to complete the look. One more style hack is to keep your footwear simple if you already have a lot going on. The trick would be to create a variation to keep the visual interest going by varying the textures within your look.

So with all that is said and done, we bet you are aching to try out the hoodies that are surprisingly not new to the fashion which many people think. Happy shopping !

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