Relive the glorious pop art in our flamboyant t-shirt

by Shotarts on September 12, 2020


How do we put the legacy of pop art in words? It is revolutionary, a movement of self and social awareness and a phenomenon that rocked the world of fashion almost eight decades back. What we can say least is that the sheer influence has carved itself into something special and immortal. Back in the day, pop art was seen as a direct challenge thrown at fine art and the abstract too was not in its prime. The best part is that pop art is embodied by the kitschy element of any culture through the use of irony.

popart T shirtThus we can say that art tee shirts lets you get fashionable with something ordinary. Pop art basically incorporates the commonplcace objects and figurettes. After the domination of the highly personal Abstract Expressionism by the US and Europe, pop art represented an attempt to return to a more objective, universally acceptable form of art. There was a time when it was a bowl of soup, cola cans, hamburgers etc ruling the roost. Now with the introduction of awesome t-shirts going a step further in being more personalized, and relevant to the present times. This means you are very much in charge of what you really want to reflect on your tees. We give you a few cues.

  1. Explore the concept- Before you choose to buy t-shirts online, we suggest you ponder over the concept for your t-shirt. You can explore the elements of nature, the socio activities or anything maverick. In short, you need to brainstorm a lot and literally sleep on the idea! There are ideas galore at Artshots too.If you think they augur well with the concept you are looking for, we are game for designing an awesome t-shirt.
  2. The power of imagination- There is a whole lot of difference between design on screen and a printed piece. Hence, we give you a caveat. No matter whether the design is outlandish or something of a common pattern, you need to get a photo or model. This way, you can get an idea of how large or small the design would look once it is printed on the t-shirt.
  3. Delve into details but keep it simple- Everyone appreciates great drawing ability and attention to detail. There's nothing better than seeing a really well executed masterpiece on a tee, which you can study for hours. What we must also keep in mind is that the simple designs too make a huge impact in th tees. Don’t get caught up in two minds or else the T-shirt could look like a spoilt canvas!
  4. Some subtle humor- Now then! Humor is a territory which must be treaded with caution especually if you are planning to emboss them on awesome t-shirts. Wisdom says that the cheap and low-cost joke shirt would be a bummer straightaway. Therefore, the humor has to be subtle, as in, it should not be loud or in-your-face. And the fonts that you choose is equally important.
  5. The vintage appeal- Perhaps the biggest takeaway in the t-shirts is the vintage print as they have the round the year style appeal which cannot be replaced. The vintage fonts are a sheer delight to watch. If you are part of the biker’s universe then you cannot ask for more in the awesome t-shirts category. Better still, there is always an option to pick a photo of your dream bike and get that beast printed on the t-shirt. With this you hit two birds with one stone; the style quotient stays high and so does your swagger.
  6. Your very own t-shirt- When the times are hard or maybe when you are hard done by yourself, a customized t-shirt with your own portrait could bring a sense of relief and accomplishment. Besides there are the latest fad among many youth. This is possibly because it helps them stand out in the crowd and there is a surprise factor as well. Be your own boss, click one best photo of yours and get an awesome t-shirt or even hoodies if you like. Like the vintage t-shirts, they too are timeless for sure!

Shotarts are always in game for something which pushes them to the limits to create the latest style. With our expertise on the apparel industry coupled with the grasp on what the present generation wants, we churn out the best of t-shirts and other merchandise. Not just India but people from all parts of the globe can touch bases with us either on our website or social media handles to post their order. Because we believe in the global language of fashion which creates a lasting impact in unison. So to buy t-shirts online of your choice, check us out right now!


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