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by Shotarts on August 20, 2020


Art is the by-product human creativity and it is certain to percolate in the vignettes of our life. So how in the world of fashion be elusive to it? Especially the apparels that tend to set trends like art tee shirts every new moon. Moreover, the art of the most magnificent kind from the past as well as of the present century has found much resonance in the fashion industry. Hence, it is no surprise that the art t-shirts are not only in vogue but they also sell like a rage.

awesome T shirtThe best part about picking art t shirts is the fact that you are already put into so many diversified ranges of designs, patterns and obviously the hues. For instance, there is a classical art tee shirt which always piques your fashion sense, and wardrobe! Beginning from the Renaissance period that romanticized the finest art to the classical art dominated Western art, with classical mythology.  The various myths and legends of the ancient Greek and Roman gods and heroes became a major source of subject matter for history painting. One of the primary reasons for art t shirts’ immense popularity is the fact that has many genres within the major genres thereby giving the art its signature harmony, balance and sense of proportion. This movement is defined by its attention to traditional forms and symmetry. Colour is always subordinated to line and composition. As such, we bring you the exclusive range of exactly the same kind of artwork embossed on your art tee shirts.

 As mentioned earlier, there cannot be a better amalgamation than art and fashion apparel. Moving over to the Renaissance, there has been no dearth of contemporary art influences that go well with the theme of art t shirts. Some of the biggest names like Andy Warhol and Keith Haring are always in the neighborhood when we specifically talk of T-shirts that make an instant impression. The reason for their success is largely due to the timeless legacy which these artists have left behind them. Once again the eccentricity or the way of expression can be the biggest selling point for these T-shirts.

When these T-shirts are made, there is highest amount precision which is ensured to keep the t-shirt most close as replica of the original art piece. As a matter of fact, there are many printing techniques which are incorporated. Some of them are:

  1. Screen Print with Under Base- Screen printing is the go-to print method for many reasons. It’s affordable and in most cases, will last the life of the apparel product. It’s most advantageous when printing a simple, single spot color design on a large amount of t-shirts. Screen printing works on all types of apparel materials including cotton and poly blends. The color is more vibrant than other print methods but it can feel heavy on the material. Adding a white under base to the design increases the layers of ink but helps to maintain the brightness of the colors.
  2. Four color process- This is the oldest form of decorating apparel using a similar method as an ink jet printer by blending the four process colors of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black to create the full spectrum of colors. Four color process printing works best on white or light colored garments.
  3. Half tone color print- The use of halftones is an excellent way to simulate shadow and gradients without increasing cost by using a single color instead of multiple colors. Halftones are made up of tiny dots. The bigger the dots, the more saturated the color appears. Smaller dots are used for “lighter” areas of the design. These dots blur together when viewed from a short distance to create the illusion of tones, depth, and shadow to emulate photography quality imagery.
  4. Digital Printing- This method of printing revolutionized the apparel printing industry by making it economical to print a single t-shirt or other garment for a customer. Instead of applying ink through the use of screens on a press, the image is transferred much like a home printer with the ink being injected directly into the fabric then cured with a heat press. It’s also a very economical choice when looking for full color photography reproduction on garments.
  5. Crystallina Prints- Crystalina ink is usually added as a second coat on top of regular plastisol ink colors to add a shimmery sparkle to the design and adds an element of texture. The color of the ink is diffused by the top coat so a bright red will be muted as seen in the example.

To conclude, art t shirts are not just apparels. They exude and great sense of individualism powered by style which defies the conventional norms.You can check the best way to create your own artistic T at Shotarts.com

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