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by Shotarts on September 03, 2020

Before we even delve into the type of T-shirts, it is imperative to know how this timeless classic attire came into being. T-shirt gets their name for the T-shape it resembles due to their boxy body and attached sleeves. It is not in the recent past that T-shirt gained popularity; it dates back to many centuries when it was originally made from wool or silk. Made and worn exclusively as underwear, they covered the whole body, were designed to absorb perspiration, and served as a barrier between a man’s skin and the more expensive garments he wanted to protect from bodily grime.

T shirts

During the Industrial Revolution, the advancements in weaving and the manufacturing of cotton fabric birthed undergarments that were more breathable and fitted than their often baggy and rough forerunners. From being not so comfortable and soft to coming out as one of the most easily worn, awesome T-shirts have come a long way. As a matter of fact, the 19th century saw the advent of tops to two-piece union suits men wore under their clothes. These were considered to be ideal wear miners and dockworkers took to wearing alone with trousers while they labored.

In no time, the popularity and the practicality of these T-shirts were hit the high to the point of the US Navy beginning to issue undershirts to its sailors, and other branches of the military would follow suit in the decades to come. These undershirts were designed to be worn under one’s uniform. However, the soldiers, marines and sailors serving in the topical climates used to take off their uniform top to negotiate with the heat and wore the undershirts or T-shirts. This proved to be a blessing in disguise. 

Both in terms of popularity and affordability, these undershirts were made available to the public keeping in mind certain things; that they are comfortable, inexpensive, and easy to clean. This benefited the farmers, ranchers, and laborers of all kinds, as well as athletes and sporting enthusiasts. In the 1940s tees-as-outerwear also started to become popular play clothes for young boys, who didn’t have to follow as strict a dress code as older men, and who were notorious for getting dirty. Thus, we can say that it is the timely, wise and subtle changes which made the undershirts the awesome t-shirts we know of now.

Now let us cut to the chase and take a look at the various types/design/patterns of T-shirts:

V-neck- V neck style is another type of t shirts that speaks more than the words. Basically, the sole reason is to bring a change in a monotonous way and choose something more exquisite as a cool t shirt for men. In order to flaunt the physique, the V neck style is perfect to count. Some of the stores deals in a plain and printed t shirt.

Polo T-shirt- Another in the t shirt neck types we have a polo t-shirt. Versatility is the prime feature of this type of T-shirts as they can blend formally and for casual occasions as well. So, time and again the nature of shopping different types of polo t-shirt online is crystal clear. There can hardly be a T-shirt type that can revamp your wardrobe instantly. While you have the solids for the more formal event, you can also play around certain stripes’ design.

Full Sleeve T-shirts- Popularly known as Henley t shirt that is best to give a flattering look and secures your hands from the summer heat. The full sleeves are also available in printed style so with comfort the cool look does not get fade away. The Henley full sleeve t shirt style is all about a collarless version of the polo t shirt type that has a fusion of aesthetic and cool look. You can attain the attire in a schway!

Sleeveless T-shirts- Get something exquisite in the closet because when it is about sleeveless t shirt style then the underground rappers have really good hands on them. The sleeve t shirt is another types of t shirts sleeves that has gained the utmost attention. Despite the fact it has not acquired much familiarity but still holds the potential to steal the thunder.

And lest you forget there is a whole new dimension given to the T-shirts with our novel self-portrait t shirts. Self portrait t-shirt depict the maverick you the best possible way. With your appearance getting symbolized on awesome t-shirts, you set a message loud and clear, That you are a personality with some swagger and probably may not need someone to look up to in times when you have to be at your imperious best or presentable. All thanks to the online medium, you can buy t shirts online in a jiffy right at your doorstep.

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